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Friends of OARDG

This is a list of people and organizations who have helped this project in a significant financial (or other) way. The project team have also generously given of their own time and resources.

Project Partners

  • New Horizons for Seniors Program under Human Resources and Social Development Canada
  • Icom Canada

    Main Suppliers

  • Muir Communications Ltd - now gone
  • Maple Leaf Communications

    Ongoing Special Support

  • Ottawa YMCA-YWCA

    Amateur Radio Operators That Have Contributed Generously

  • Manfred Kahle (VA3WK)
  • Wayne Getchell (VE3CZO)
  • Sean Huntley (VE3HXP)
  • Greg Milley (VE3ITB)
  • Bryan Campbell (VE3ZRK)
  • Norm Rashleigh (VE3LC)
  • Ying Hum (VA3YH)
  • Dale Hennigar (VE3XZT)

    A very sincere thankyou to all of you.

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